Nicole Arbour Is Not Happy That Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue Used A Plus-Sized Model

Everyone’s “favorite” YouTube troll Nicole Arbour is back, following up on the success of her wildly popular “Dear Fat People” video with — what else? — “Dear Fat People 2: The Second Helping.” I guess after taking on a variety of topics ranging from abortion to the Syrian refugee crisis to, uh, “black people,” it appears that perhaps someone is running out of creative steam? Regardless, enough has happened in the past six months that Arbour has more than enough fodder to pick back up her tirade.

Just to scratch the surface, a transgender (which she describes much more colorfully) won the Woman of the Year award! And everything from Barbie to Sports Illustrated is celebrating different body types! On that last point, Arbour seems to take particular umbrage with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring plus-sized model Ashley Graham. While she admits that Graham is “pretty,” she claims that the model does not meet magazines’ standards for swimsuit models, which she questionably notes are the “mecca of physical perfection.” Did she mean “pinnacle?” Or perhaps “apex?” I guess it’s really besides the point.

Arbour makes the point that all of Graham’s photos are “Photoshopped to f*ck,” which… I hate to break it to her, but so are all models, plus-sized or not. Anyway, that’s about when I peaced out, but here’s what the internet had to say, starting with Graham herself:

It seems like most people are less outraged and more over it. What will Arbour do now that people are starting to ignore her antics? I’m sure it’ll be easy enough for her to find a day job, just so long as any potential employers have never and have no plans to ever go on the Internet.

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