Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Fat People’ Followup Is About Abortion, And People Are Not Happy

Self-styled comedian Nicole Arbour rode a wave of negative press all the way to her next YouTube rant. In doing so, Arbour one-upped herself in the controversy department after her viral “Dear Fat People” rant. In that video, Arbour took potshots (“Whaddya gonna do, chase me?”) while claiming her rant was “satire.” She refused to apologize and got fired from a feature film. Arbour also attempted to defend herself on The View, which didn’t go well. People remained upset at how she treated overweight people with disrespect in the name of comedy, when her rant wasn’t funny.

Arbour’s newest video is titled “Abortion Is Wrong,” and she says the topic “has been tearing up my insides.” Arbour muses at how it’s “ironic that the same people against abortion are the ones who should have been aborted.” She does squeeze in a throwback comment about fat people when talking about kids: “Stop feeding them sugar, you dumb f*cks.” This video arrives on the heels of Arbour’s abortion jokes from 2012.

As one can imagine, Twitter is not pleased with Nicole joking around about abortion.

Some people are making reaction videos to Arbour’s abortion rant. Here’s one vocal fella.