Nicole Arbour Took On The Syrian Refugee Crisis, And The Internet Is Bewildered

Self-styled comedian Nicole Arbour is back with controversial jokes (about arms being blown off) in a rant about the Syrian refugee crisis. This was bound to happen after the Paris terrorist attacks. Arbour realized she could graduate from taking shots at fat people and black people. She’s also already covered the abortion subject in her own “satiric” way, and the thirst for continued Internet fame led Arbour to think on a global level. Sort of.

Comedian Brock Wilbur predicted something like this would happen.

So, the monster created by the Internet is back. She’s putting her own spin on a hot-button subject, but she’s trying a different approach. Arbour starts off as always with a “Hey, refugees, you guys aren’t trying to suck dick or work bottle service, are you?” She then presents common sense: “They aren’t coming for a vacation. They live in a f*cking war zone.” The back-and-forth tactic continues. Soon enough, Arbour is wearing a makeshift hajib and inserting Columbine references. She vows to throw the refugees a party “and let the armies of the world do the rest.”

Arbour’s approach here is to make satiric statements under the guise of her black-and-white video inserts. We’re supposed to believe her full-color statements are the real Arbour (a critical thinker). She ends with this simple statement, which has confused the Internet: “There’s a really bad war going on, and it’s our job as human beings to help them as much as we can. If you breathe air, it’s your job to help other people.” Not everyone is fooled by her neatly sewn-up conclusion. Over on Facebook, Arbour is being torn apart for wading into serious territory with an unintelligible argument.

However, Arbour’s Twitter followers appear to be smitten. They’re trumpeting her truth-telling skills and bestowing her with praise.

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