Dick Grayson Is Back In Spandex In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Nightwing: Rebirth’

For the last few years, Dick Grayson has left behind his superhero persona to be a superspy, Agent 37, with the secret organization Spyral. Presumed dead, thanks to the events of Forever Evil, Dick has slowly been rebuilding his personal connections with friends and family over the years. Unfortunately for him, that’s about to go out the window as he has to suddenly reclaim his Nightwing identity again, courtesy of Tim Seeley and Yanick Paquette.

Seeley is the writer of Grayson, Dick’s long superspy adventure, and Paquette is the superstar artist behind everything from Wonder Woman to an excellent run on Swamp Thing in the New 52 with Scott Snyder. Here, they’re picking up Dick Grayson as, for once, a chapter in his life is coming to a natural close: He’s wrapping up his job, ending things with his girlfriend, and is wondering what’s next. Well, aside from punching clowns. That is almost certainly on the menu, as we can see in this preview.

To see where Dick Grayson heads next as he gets back into the black and blue spandex, check out Nightwing: Rebirth, on stands and available digitally this week. And, of course, keep an eye out for Nightwing’s new ongoing series, arriving July 27!