Nike Releasing Product From “Back To The Future 2” That Isn’t A Hoverboard

“But moooom I asked for a hoverboard. Ugh, this is the worst Christmas ever.”

Hey, remember those shoes in Back to the Future 2 which laced themselves and weren’t a hoverboard? Awhile back we posted this fan-made version along with the news that Nike had filed a patent for self-lacing shoes with LEDs and a charging stand. You know what would be awesome? If that charging stand could be stored on a working model of a hoverboard.

Interestingly c*ckteasingly, Frank Marshall — producer of all the Back to the Future films — tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

Now we have an answer to this mystery: Nike announced today their Air Mag power-lacing shoes are ready for the market, and they teased the eventual release with the video below. They also sent an invitation to tonight’s announcement party to Matt Halfhill at NiceKicks which included an iPod shuffle with a message from Doc Brown saying, “Welcome to Los Angeles. If my calculations are correct, over the next 24 hours you are about to see some SERIOUS SH*T!” He also got a pair of unusable metal wraparound glasses and some other swag in the pictures below.

As far as anyone can guess, since Nike isn’t in the business of making hoverboards the announcement will be about the shoes in the video below. Okay, okay, I’ll buy them. But only so I can wear them while on a skateboard and making hoverboard noises.

[Hat tip (but no hoverboard) to /film and LatinoReview.]