Nintendo Direct Roundup: New Trailers and Details For Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Smash Bros. And More

Nintendo held another one of their Nintendo Direct presentations today, the first one since they announced they’re disastrous financial results last month, so people had some high expectations. Did Nintendo live up to those expectations? Not quite — the show was short of major surprises or new announcements, but it was full of new tidbits, trailers and game footage, so let’s get to that, shall we?

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First off, here’s the entire Nintendo Direct if you have 40 spare minutes.

Here’s some news for Nintendo super fans only…

– Nintendo’s trying out the free-to-play thing, unfortunately you probably aren’t going to be terribly interested in the games they’re trying it out with. One is Steel Diver Sub Wars (a sequel to 3DS launch stinker Steel Diver) and the other is a Japanese baseball game. Sub Wars is available right now.

– There’s already going to be a sequel to NES Remix — this one focuses on later NES games like Kirby’s Adventure, Punch-Out!! and Mario 3. If they aren’t churning these out so they can later put them on smartphones, I’ll eat my red Mario hat.

– GBA games are finally coming to the Wii U of all places. They’re starting within the next couple months with Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi and the Mario Advance version of Yoshi’s Island (which, by the way, is the first time any version of Yoshi’s Island has hit the Virtual Console).

– There’s going to be a new, kind of adorable Yoshi 3DS coming out in March.

Kirby Triple Deluxe and Yoshi’s New Island hit the 3DS on the same day (May 2nd).

– There’s a new Ace Attorney game on the way that’s going to be “totally different” than past games in the series, whatever that means.

Okay, onto the biggest news…

The most requested Smash Bros. character, well, pretty much ever is finally coming. Yes, the new Wii U and 3DS Super Smash Bros. games will feature Punch-Out’s Little Mac.

Mario Kart 8 still looks awesome, and it’s adding the Koopa Kids (they’ll always be Bowser’s kids to me dammit) as playable characters. All eight of ’em! The game hits May 3oth.

Monolith Soft’s follow-up to Xenoblade Chronicles still doesn’t have a name, but it’s looking good. The game’s battle system lets you seamlessly switch back and forth between fighting on foot and taking on monsters in a giant mech (why you’d ever leave the mech though, I’m not sure).

Finally, Bayonetta 2’s still coming, and it still looks completely nutty.

So yeah, if you happen to own Nintendo’s systems, this Nintendo Direct made you feel a little better about what’s coming. Did it convince many who don’t already own Nintendo’s systems to get on board? I doubt it. What are your thoughts folks?