Bootleg Nintendo Games Turn Out To Be Full Of Live Spiders


Generally, when something is full of spiders, it’s either a setup to a science article or a horror movie. A Nintendo game full of spiders sounds like the latter, or at least a sweet t-shirt, but no — instead it’s another chapter in the inexplicable book of Why Do Americans Keep Trying To Smuggle In Spiders?

Mexican Federal Police intercepted a shipment of bootleg Nintendo games headed from Guadalajara to Hanover, MD, and assumed it was just a typical bootlegging deal. But then they crack the cartridges open and, surprise! Lots and lots and lots of spiders!

Just why these spiders are being imported remains unclear, although it’s illegal for both public health and environmental reasons. Importing animals is how you get invasive species, after all, and not all of them are delicious with the right sauce. This could simply be a collector, or a breeder, or perhaps the police have stopped a fiendish plot by a supervillain to breed gigantic spiders and have their henchmen ride them as an unstoppable army. We’ll likely never know for sure, as this isn’t exactly a capital crime. But for the love of God, people, stop trying to smuggle in spiders. We have enough spiders! Smuggle in some common sense!

(via Kotaku)