Nintendo Gives 10 Pretty Compelling Reasons To Buy ‘Super Mario 3D World’

Not content to let Sony steal all the headlines this week, Nintendo snuck out a new Nintendo Direct this morning, but most of the information was for Nintendo superfans only. Miiverse is coming to 3DS!  New Pikmin 3 DLC!

Thankfully, the presentation did end with a fairly rad “10 New Things” trailer for Super Mario 3D World. The titular things start out pretty tame, but towards the end of the trailer they’re unveiling crazy stuff like a Mario Kart-themed level and the ability to play as Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy (who beats the tiara off Princess Peach — start saving Rosalina more often Mario).

Check the trailer out below…

Oh, and what the heck, have a new trailer for Nintendo’s Link to the Past sequel, A Link Between Worlds too…

via GoNintendo