Nintendo Shows Off New ‘Mario Kart 8’ Characters, Tracks And The Returning Balloon Battle Mode

04.30.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

Nintendo released another stealth Nintendo Direct today, which contained a ton of new Mario Kart 8 information.

The most notable new tidbits include Mario Kart TV, a new channel that lets you save and share replays of your best races. You can even upload your videos directly to YouTube! Not even the PS4 and it’s fancy Share button does that. Mario Kart 8 also comes with a free game — buy Mario Kart and register it with Club Nintendo and you get a free download code for Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Wind Waker HD or Wii Party U. Don’t want to come off a shill, but that’s a helluva deal folks.

Ultimately though the biggest, best news was confirmation that Balloon Battle will be returning in Mario Kart 8. Yeeesss.

Here’s the latest Mario Kart 8 trailer

Here’s some footage of Balloon Battle in action

Is it May 30th yet? No? How about now?

via GoNintendo here & here

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