Nintendo’s Massive RPG ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Looks Stunning In 20+ Minutes Of New Footage

If you asked me to choose my most anticipated game of 2015, I’d say Xenoblade Chronicles X without hesitation. Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii was an excellent (and massive) mashup of western and Japanese RPGs, and Xenoblade Chronicles X looks to push things even further. It took me 100 hours just to beat the first Xenoblade Chronicles, and the series’ developers are promising the sequel is five times larger. Jebus.

Last evening Nintendo really took the wraps off the game, with a 24-minute walkthrough of the game’s massive, bustling world. The walkthrough is in Japanese, but hey, that just means there are no spoilers, and you don’t need to understand the language to see how impressive this game looks. The game’s cities, which we haven’t seen much of up until now, look far more detailed than your average JRPG towns, and the game’s overworld is looking as gorgeous as ever.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in April in Japan and Nintendo has said it will come to North America sometime in 2015, hopefully as soon as possible.

Via Polygon