Check Out ‘Nitro Circus’ Stunt Rider Jed Mildon Land The First-Ever BMX Quad Backflip

Nitro Circus pro BMX rider Jed Mildon recently made history after he successfully performed a quad backflip. The feat took place on a giant ramp at Travis Pastrana’s massive compound in Davidsonville, Md. Mildon’s successful ride didn’t happen overnight, though, as it took nearly four years (and countless nasty falls) to make the stunt a reality.

During this time, fellow rider James Foster was in competition with Mildon to see who could pull off the flip first. Foster didn’t end up fairing as well in attempting the trick, though, getting seriously injured several times. In an interview with Transworld’s Jeff Zielinski, Foster explained how many injuries he sustained in pursuit of landing the quad backflip:

“Ten broken ribs and a separated shoulder. I broke five ribs on tour with Nitro in Australia right before we were supposed to go back out to Travis’, and re-broke another when I came up short on the airbag landing when I was only 70-80% healed from that injury.”

Hats off to these guys. I can barely do a wheelie anymore without seriously risking my life.

(Via Transworld, Bleacher Report)