‘No Man’s Sky’ Keeps Your Discoveries, But You Need To Be Online To See Them

Late last week, Reddit fielded a rather explosive accusation towards Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. After two weeks, a user claimed that all their discoveries had been wiped. That’s fueled the controversy surrounding what’s already a surprisingly divisive game, but it turns out the problem wasn’t with the game, but with the Redditor’s internet connection.

That same Redditor realized he wasn’t connected to the game’s servers, and once he was tied into them, all his discoveries were restored. It turns out the data on all of the game’s quintillions of planets is uploaded to servers at Hello, and when a new player arrives on a planet, the servers populate all that data so you know who named a galaxy after Harambe and who named all their animals after Minions. Come to think of it, maybe disconnecting those servers isn’t such a bad idea.

The question is whether the correction will take over or if the charge of fleeting discovery will stick. No Man’s Sky has seen quite a bit of backlash since it came out and turned out to be a game about exploring more than anything else.

It also raises a question: What happens when Hello, sooner or later, has to turn off the game’s servers? Will fans take over? Will it be transitioned to a data archive? Will they be uploaded locally? It’ll be curious to see where Hello goes from here, and how many players stick around to explore those quintillion planets.

(Via VG 24/7)