No Mere Mortal Should Order The $54 Starbucks Drink Of Death, But This Guy Did

R.I.P. Andrew from Dallas, Texas. He died the way he lived: guzzling caffeine and sugar the way Hummers do gasoline. OK, he didn’t actually die…YET. But it’ll happen any day now, assuming Andrew of Dallas, Texas finished his entire “Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.”

Andrew set what is, as far as we can determine, a world record for the most expensive drink possible at Starbucks. Tamping down the previous known record at $47.30 is the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino at $54.75.

Andrew didn’t actually hand over that much money for his 128-ounce espresso milkshake. He’s a Gold member of Starbucks’ loyalty program, which entitles him to one free drink after every twelve that he buys. The free drink coupon entitles him to any drink available. (Via)

Let’s figure out the math: that’s 4.5 grams of caffeine and at least 2,000 calories. But hey, only one heart attack, so everything’s coming up Andrew from Dallas, Texas!

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Via Consumerist