Nobody Interrupt This Guy Singing Creed’s ‘Higher,’ Because He’s Totally In His Zone Right Now

08.27.14 3 years ago 8 Comments


This video was uploaded to YouTube way back in January but I think it’s pretty safe to say no one has seen it before now — but since my fascination with weird people on the internet is undying and eternal, here we are. I have no idea why he’s wearing sunglasses indoors to record himself singing Creed’s “Higher” other than that they kind of make him look like Robocop (I know Robocop doesn’t wear sunglasses, but that’s the first thing that I thought of), because there’s definitely no dicks being reflected. Also, if you’re going to produce a high end video of yourself singing one of the most popular songs of a beloved American rock band, the least you can do it straighten your baseball poster and put your contact lens solution away.

Oh snap, he recorded this “Take 2” since the “audio did not sync up” in the first one, and OH GOD I TAKE IT BACK. PUT YOUR SUNGLASSES BACK ON AHHHHHH.

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