No Agent Or Publicist Wants To Represent The Poor Sexy Mugshot Guy

The New York Daily News is reporting that “associates” of Jeremy Meeks, a.k.a. Internet sensation Sexy Mugshot Guy, are shopping around for a publicist to launch his celebrity modeling and/or acting career once he’s out of jail — which could apparently happen today, depending how a court date goes. Unfortunately for Jeremy Meeks, however, so far the consensus of celebrity reps consider him, how should I put this? Oh yeah: Client poison.

“I don’t know what they’re looking for,” said one prominent celebrity rep in New York who was contacted by people claiming to represent the 30-year-old Stockton, Calif., hoodlum. “It’s so bizarre. I didn’t even take the call.”

“We want nothing to do with this story,” said a Los Angeles-based rep whom our insiders count as one of “more than a dozen” publicists or agents who’ve been contacted to help launch a Meeks showbiz career.

Poor Sexy Mugshot Guy, it’s like he’s the only one who showed up to his own party. I’ve got no doubt he’ll eventually find himself some bottom feeder representation, though, because the TLC, A&E and E! networks all don’t exist for no reason. If this guy doesn’t land himself a reality show by 2015, then that’s not the sexiest mugshot I’ve ever seen. (It’s totally the sexiest mugshot I’ve ever seen.)

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