Why Is The Internet So In Love With This Norwegian Sailor?

Norway isn’t the Scandinavian country that is famous for economy priced furniture or Kurt Cobain’s car brand of choice, but it is in the news this week for a certain Norwegian Naval Officer who is taking Instagram by storm. Remember Jeremy Meeks, the ‘sexy mugshot’ guy who broke the internet two years ago and then tried to start a modeling career when he got out of the big house? Well, 30-year-old Lasse L. Matberg is the internet’s newest heartbreaker, and if this guy has acting chops, Chris Hemsworth should be nervous.

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Matberg is a Lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy and is also a sports officer at the NATO Joint Warfare Center. Matberg told Buzzfeed that he’s also a fully trained chef and holds a bachelor’s degree in sports nutrition and personal training. So that means he’ll cook you breakfast in bed then expect you to go on a 10 mile run through the woodlands of Norway.

One scroll through Matberg’s Instagram and you can tell that this modern day Viking who spends time exploring fjords and cuddling puppies is proud of his man bun, despite it being called ‘the modern mullet.‘ Whatever, we love him, too!

(Via: Buzzfeed)