Note To People Who Fire Their Twitter Ghostwriters: Change Your Password


So there’s this guy out there in the universe named Mark Davidson. Actually, there are probably plenty of Mark Davidson’s out there, but this particular Mark Davidson lives in Orange County, California and is, according to his Twitter bio, an “internet sales & marketing professional.” He adds in that same bio: “I write a lot of things to amuse myself and others. On occasion, I even have deep thoughts.”

One can presume he’s been doing this — writing amusing and deep things — relatively well since he has over 56,000 followers on Twitter at the moment. However, Davidson’s tweeting — over 50,000 tweets over the past 5 years — has all apparently been the work of a now-disgruntled former ghostwriter, who logged into Davidson’s account and took to blasting him to shreds early this morning after his former boss apparently never bothered to change the account’s password.

I imagine this is what Mark Davidson’s morning’s been like.

(HT: Hypervocal)

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