Nourish Your Lyrical Soul With The Drizzy Baking Majesty That Is ‘DrakeOnCake’

We may not have flying cars or laser combs in 2015, but at least we’ve hit the point in human achievement where we can enjoy the blessed union of cake and Drake. Heck, now we’re wondering how we ever lived without it.

Joy the Baker has provided Instagram with the marvel that is @DrakeOnCake. It’s exactly what you imagine it is, provided you aren’t imagining Drizzy taking a stab at “Short Skirt/Long Jacket.” This wonderful weirdness boasts the combination of delicious cake with Drake lyrics. It’s a concept that’s nabbed the loyalty of more than 23,800 Instagram followers and has the potential for endless frosted wonders.

Let’s get to the visual aides, shall we?

Ooooh. Look at this one! This is for when you’re looking for a more sensitive brand of cake.

More excellence.

Consider this a winning prospect for Nana’s 80th birthday dinner.

There’s no way this wasn’t going to make the cut.

Naturally, there are some sweary ones in the mix too. We can’t show them to you cuz naughty icing words, but we can link to ’em. We have it on good authority that curse words make all baking concoctions taste better. That’s just good kitchen science.

(Via Fader)