Novel – “Caffeine & Cigarettes”

01.05.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

It’s always a surreal experience when the Crew gets together for various functions.  Everyone has their distinct quirks and idiosyncrasies, so it makes for great people watching and stories.  I’ve been around Contra™ on two occasions and I’ve never seen him consume actual food.  He exists solely on what you see in the picture above.  If he were to bleed, I’m positive his blood would look like ashy battery acid.  He’s a stand up guy & I’d want him in my corner if something were to go down (he’s an assassin by trade), but I had to snap this flick back in October during A3C.

And thanks to Novel & Cody Chesnutt I now have an opportunity to use it.

I can’t speak enough on Novel’s development since his early appearances with Rawkus and he’s a perfect example as to why artists need to be allowed to develop their craft.  Once again proving quality always trumps quantity, he’s created a ditty that those with addict tendencies will be able to relate to.  Between Defying The Predicable with Joell & his debut The Autobiography, Novel is poised to make some noise this year.


Download — Novel – “Caffeine & Cigarettes”

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