Relive The Only Good Part Of The 2016 Election With The Best News Bloopers From November

News & Culture Writer

Well, the 2016 election may have seemed like a raging tire fire to anyone not thrilled about the fact that, against all odds, a reality TV star somehow managed to clown his way into the White House. But if you can manage to look past what might turn out to be literally the end of civilization as we know it, at the very least the election has provided decent fodder for some occasionally pretty funny news bloopers over the past several months — for instance, the guy who tripped and ate shit right smack in the middle of NBC News live election night coverage.

The month of November likewise provided plenty of non-election related bloopers, such as a female news anchor’s unfortunate attempt at drawing a cannon, an accidental (just barely NSFW) flashing, a very poorly timed bicycle face-plant, one deranged Trump supporter, a pint-sized Australian making Karl Stefanovic lose it, more drunk Australians, and this grown Australian man also making Karl Stefanovic lose it (it was a good month for Stefanovic, apparently). Enjoy it while it lasts, anyway, because this time next year we might all be getting our news from Trump TV, and there would be nothing funny about that. (I’m only half kidding.)

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