Now Kids Are Putting Burt’s Bees On Their Eyelids To Get High Or Something

Kids. They’re constantly inventing new ways to get high instead of falling back on the classic ways that will actually get you high. The latest is putting Burt’s Bees beeswax on their eyelids in an attempt to catch a buzz. It sounds about as dumb as drinking vodka through your eyes even though you have a perfectly good mouth that will do that for you. Or at the very least, you could butt-chug it.

Apparently, this has been a thing since at least 2005 and it’s called BEEZIN. Let’s take a look at a future leader of America BEEZ out with some Burt’s Bees on his eyelids.

As with most of these DANGEROUS TRENDS TEENAGERS ARE DOING, I’m pretty sure it’s only .00001% of kids doing this. The rest are just doing your standard drugs and drinking. That or studying? Probably studying.

(Via The Gothamist)