Now More Teenagers Have Been Stupidly Encouraged To Tweet Bomb Jokes At Airlines

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If you’ve been keeping up: Earlier this week a 14-year-old Dutch girl known only as “Sarah” who just wants to be famous like Demi Lovato tweeted a terrorist threat directed at American Airlines, which she was subsequently arrested for at her home in Rotterdam. (Also this happened with a model airplane and which may or may not be related.)

You’d think this would send a clear message to other teens: “DON’T DO THIS,” but because teens are still the absolute worst people, Sarah’s idiotic stunt has provoked dozens of dumb kids to follow in her footsteps.

Today’s dickhead kids can say whatever they want about the ’90s, but when it boils down to it — back then we didn’t have the technology in place to be this stupid, even if we wanted to. And that’s not entirely a bad thing. We could make all the prank calls and order all the pizzas we wanted and nobody ever got arrested for it and it was awesome. Who feels sorry for who now?