NPR Tweeted Out The Full Declaration Of Independence And People Really Did Not Get It

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07.05.17 18 Comments


While most Americans spent Independence Day eating hotdogs, hitting up the beach, and watching fireworks, there are many who neglect to reflect on the real reason for the holiday. On July 4th, 1776, the members of the Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia to declare the 13 colonies freedom from the British Empire, and a new nation unto themselves. (Although historians have found that the document itself was not actually signed in Independence Hall until later that year on August 2nd.)

In an attempt to remind people of those brave and momentous words of our forefathers, on Tuesday NPR tweeted out the full Declaration of Independence, in its entirety, right down to the signatures from members of congress — as you can see in the start of the thread, below.

Unfortunately though, because we basically live in Idiocracy now, the power of the words were lost on some who just assumed that the publicly funded, traditionally progressive organization was making some sort of liberal statement, as pointed out by writer Parker Malloy.

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