The Number Of Kids Getting Into MMA Is On The Rise, At Least In Virginia

Good news for people who think that the media is being too tough on football when it comes to the question of whether or not parents would let their children participate in contact sports. A local news report from WVEC in Norfolk, Virginia suggests that the number of kids enrolling in mixed martial arts classes is on the rise. While there’s no evidence to support that idea, they at least introduced us to one 11-year old boy named Travis, who is convinced that he has a future in MMA, and his father is totally on board with the idea. Based on this kid’s charisma alone, I wouldn’t be shocked if Dana White pays him a visit to set up a developmental deal.

But Travis isn’t alone in the desire to kick ass for a living. We’re also introduced to a 10-year old girl named Summer, who is apparently developing as a fighter so well that she’s already training with adults. Additionally, her father seems to be incredibly eager to help her fulfill her dream of dad not threatening any of the boys she tries to date, as he has turned their entire garage into a training center.

You know, The Ultimate Fighter: Kids edition might be just what Nickelodeon has been looking for.