A New York Cop Known As ‘Little Miss Dangerous’ Has Been Arrested Three Times This Year

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07.03.15 9 Comments
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A lady cop on the NYPD bears quite the reputation, despite her mission to serve and protect the public. Stacey Staniland often wears a “Little Miss Dangerous” helmet on her motorcycle, and the label has stuck. The 5-foot-10 officer with model good looks is in a heap of trouble.

Staniland was arrested on Wednesday for the third time in eight months after her motorcycle collided with oncoming traffic in Staten Island. Officers on the scene noticed drug paraphernalia in her bag as she dove for her ID. She was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance (Clonazepam) and a hypodermic instrument. Police also revealed that Staniland was sniffing glue before the accident. A strange detail, for sure.

This isn’t Staniland’s first run-in on the wrong side of the law, as noted. In December, she broke into her mother’s boyfriend’s house and stole jewelry. In May, she was arrested on different drug charges. All three of Staniland’s arrests resulted in temporary suspensions. She remains on the police force.

(via New York Daily News New York Post)

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