Obama Brought The Worst Dad Jokes For His Final Turkey Pardoning Ceremony

Wednesday marked the final time President Obama would pardon a Turkey for Thanksgiving, which has become a time-honored White House tradition. But it was also one of the last times the American public can bask in the glow of the Commander-in-Chief’s legendary dad jokes like “Yes, we cran.”

During this year’s ceremony, the president had two turkeys on hand, Tater and Tot, who waited in anticipation to see which one would be pardoned and if the other would hit the chopping block. But Barry O pulled a fast one and pardoned both, saying he hopes they have a wonderful time at their future home at the University of Virginia.

While the service carried several servings of prepared speech, it was the sweet treat of Obama’s Thanksgiving-themed dad jokes that held the audience’s ears. Obama, who was never one to be subtle about his level of dad coolness, said his daughters Malia and Sasha couldn’t attend this year’s pardoning. The president looked bummed to lose the “cornucopia of dad jokes about turkeys” at the ready. But that did not deter Obama, as he brought on his two nephews, who have “not yet been turned cynical by Washington,” unlike his daughters.

But the joke is on Malia and Sasha, as President Obama said they will continue this tradition every year, and he won’t be “cutting this habit cold turkey.” Dads and people across the country voiced how they are going to miss the president’s amateur stand-up act:

The president may be corny, and it may be fowl that he is leaving office, but his dad jokes will live on forever.