The Obama Family Got A New Dog And Her Name Is ‘Sunny’

What’s a president embroiled in multiple controversies to do to win favor with the public? Get a new pet, that’s what! This one is ripped straight from the Presidential Damage Control Playbook.

From the White House’s website:

Sunny was born in Michigan in June 2012, and arrived at the White House today. Just like Bo, she’s a Portuguese Water Dog, which works great for the Obamas because of allergies in their family.

Sunny is the perfect little sister for Bo – full of energy and very affectionate – and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality.

Regardless of the intentions, that dog is damn cute, and he’s even cuter when paired with Bo…

Meanwhile, I still always feel like Obama’s watching me…

(Via The Atlantic Wire. Bottom pic via White House Flickr.)