Obama Laughed It Off When Someone Offered Him Weed In A Denver Colorado Bar

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07.09.14 21 Comments


After President Obama was greeted by a man wearing a horse’s head outside of a bar in Denver, Colorado bar yesterday, he later was offered a hit of weed from inside that same bar as one of the bar patrons called out, “Hey, wanna hit this!” We all know Obama used to be a big fan of the pot, but thinking back to just over twenty years ago when the whole Bill Clinton scandal broke and his main defense boiled down to that he “didn’t inhale” — it makes you realize how far we’ve come in this country. So yeah, while maybe Obama laughed off the offer, it still doesn’t change the fact that he was literally standing in a bar full of marijuana smokers.

Think about that. And while you’re at it, make sure you check out this UPROXX video detailing why Colorado’s legalization of weed was a brilliant move. I mean, obviously.

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