The Obamas Truly Went The Extra Mile To Send Wedding Congrats To One Lucky Bride

Conventional wedding planning — for those who are into that sort of thing — often takes up months, sometimes even years, of a prospective bride’s life. So, it was with some hope (but probably not too much of it) that one woman fired off a special wedding invitation way back in March. The recipients just happened to be Barack and Michelle Obama, who had already left the White House at that point, but the letter made its way to them, and they (or their aides) held it for the special date.

When the right time arrived, the woman who sent the throwaway invitation received quite a surprise — a perfectly timed note signed by the Obamas. The bride’s daughter tweeted a photo of the invitation (as seen above), and here’s how her mom reacted in text form: “I didn’t send one to Trump.”

Brutal? Or funny. Maybe both. However this response materialized, it does prove that the Obamas and their staff members want to keep appraised of their supporters as time wears forth. Sure, Barack is strutting through NYC, enjoying some precious surfing moments, and fighting gerrymandering, but he and Michelle know how to keep their legacy alive. It’s those little moments that matter, and this family will cherish their response forever.