A Teen Girl Was Suspended For These Honest Replies To Possible ‘Objections To Condoms’

It wasn’t taught by a no-nonsense gym instructor or some withered old crone who had worked for the district since 1951, but in middle school, I took sexual education. It’s there that I learned everything I wanted to know about condoms, but was too afraid to ask (for fear of pretending to be Aquaman). There was the rubber on the banana day and… actually, that’s all I remember.

I tried to block everything post-banana out. But I’m fairly certain that none of my classmates were given an “objections to condoms” assignment. If so, I hoped they filled it out exactly like this 14-year-old girl did.

An Imgur user writes, “Two years ago today, my then 14-year-old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class.” Worth it.

Babies, the condoms of humans.

Via: Happy Place

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