Watch This Crazy-Eyed Octopus Take Down An Unsuspecting Crab And Drag Him Back To Its Underwater Lair

Here we see what looks like a young crab in its natural habitat. Mr. Crab seems to be enjoying his day while soaking in the sun. Watch as this innocent crustacean scurries slowly to the edge of his rock and peers into the water to take in the glory of all that Mother Nature has to offer. Observe the…HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

Youtube user Porsche Indrisie captured the carnage above while visiting the Western Australian city of Yallingup. Two things:

  1. Who knew an octopus could be so quick, creepy, and lethal?
  2. Am I the only one that held out hope Mr. Crab here would pull a Popeye and sucker punch that hell beast into next week?

RIP Mr. Crab, you deliciously-slow crustacean.

(Source: YouTube)