Of Course Japan Has A Poop-Powered Motorcycle

As bloggers and humor writers, we like to joke around a lot about the differences between American pop culture and the styles and fads of our friends in Japan. A few tentacle and panty jokes later, we’re all having a good laugh and we can go back to making fun of Germany’s love for David Hasselhoff. But today I am honestly jealous and in awe of Japan’s most significant and glorious contribution to society to date: Japan made a motorcycle that runs on poop.
Yesterday, in the city of Kitakyushu, the company TOTO – not to be confused with Cajun Boy’s favorite band – unveiled the Toilet Bike Neo, a motorcycle that has a toilet for an engine. And to prove that this was actually part of an incredible green initiative and not some sick joke, TOTO is sending a driver from Kyushu to Tokyo (over 600 miles) to spread green awareness throughout the country. This ride is a part of TOTO’s Toilet Bike Neo Project, which was created to reduce CO2 emissions in Japanese bathrooms by 50% over the next 5 years.
You can follow the voyage of the Toilet Bike Neo on TOTO’s blog (warning: totally in Japanese), and after the jump I have the inception and creation of this amazing leisure vehicle in pictures. All hail the poopcycle!

(Images via TOTO’s website, Spoon & Tamago, and a samurai helmet tip to Oddity Central.)
Here is one of the first designs of the Toilet Bike Neo. Truly something that Leonardo DaVinci and Thomas Edison would have appreciated.
More dreaming from a revolutionary innovator…
It all seems so far-fetched, like an insane man’s last grasp at reality.
Insane? Impossible? Tell that to a man poo-sessed.
It’s like watching the Model T being created. If the Model T was created by American Standard.
It just looks so complicated and impossible. “There’s no way this could actually be built,” said constipated critics.
“It can’t be,” they muttered…
And they were oh so wrong!
Behold the genius of our generation with a white poo helmet, I think.
From here on out, for best results, play this video in another window.
What’s that smell, ladies? That’s a man saving the world, that’s all.
Style. Awareness. Brilliance. Pooping.
Adding fuel to his engine, obviously.
Oh yeah, this is for real, folks. In fact, you know what, can we get a new driver in here?
Oh hello, you’ll do just fine.
Seriously, this is the actual driver of the poop motorcycle.
Who says that women don’t poop? It’s truly the 21st century.
I assume these are good luck tacos.
TOTO has truly made strides in energy conservation and changing the way men look at female motorcycle riders.
Look out, Tokyo!
And she’s off! No turning back now. It’s all blue skies ahead and brown roads behind.
TOTO. “Changing the world, one flush at a time.”