Of Course Somebody Built A Gigantic Golden Toilet In Minecraft

We’re sure Notch and the team are very proud to see that all the hard work they’ve done for their hit game has been perverted.

Well, they’re on the Internet, they knew what was coming, but this golden toilet seems ridiculous even by Minecraft build standards.

Yes, it actually works.

Here’s the YouTube video in question:

YouTube being YouTube, people were wondering not why somebody dedicated hours of their life to building a gigantic flushing toilet that will never actually be used by anyone real or virtual, but instead where they could find a video of the Charizard you see in the background. Here, if you were curious.

Granted, this is a program that has seen truly epic amounts of hours wasted solely to amuse us, make us nostalgic, or garner that all-important Reddit karma. But we have to admit, we’re baffled on this one. A toilet? Really? That’s all you could do, faced with an infinite building simulator? A gigantic golden toilet?

We find ourselves struggling for a motive. Maybe he was just a huge Ed McMahon fan?