Oh Nothing, Just This Gif Of A Guy Getting Kicked Into A Cheetah

News & Culture Writer
05.19.14 12 Comments


I don’t really have much context to this gif, which was originally uploaded as a video to Webstagram, other than it features this Arabian guy who is trying to take a picture of what appears to be a pet Cheetah on a leash, who gets a bit of a surprise when his friend kicks him square into it.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the practice of acquiring and keeping wild animals such as cheetahs, lions and tigers has become a scourge in the UAE and it is obviously morally wrong for a myriad of reasons. On the other hand: This gif has a Kryptonite-like power over me and I am completely helpless not to laugh at it every. single. time. See? It’s funny because he almost gets mauled to death!

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