OK, Which One Of You Purchased Jennifer Lawrence's 'Silver Linings Playbook' Sports Bra For $3,000?

Was it you? Or YOU? C’mon, fess up, I know one of you guys bought Jennifer Lawrence’s bra.

The sweaty sports bra and top Jennifer Lawrence wore in Silver Linings Playbook sold for $3,175 at an auction Thursday night. Fourteen bidders vied for the Oscar-winner’s Gap undergarment, worn during a dance practice scene with her co-star in the movie, Bradley Cooper…A basic black tank top netted $624, while the vanilla-colored dance pants Lawrence wore during her final performance in Silver Linings sold for $3,493. The priciest piece was the brown wool coat Lawrence wore as Tiffany in the film, by department store brand Moda International. It sold for $4,652. (Via)

You’re probably wearing the sports bra and pants right now, dancing in your living room to “Fell in Love with a Girl.” My money’s on commenter jlawasinjenniferlawrencenotjudelawfan6969xoxo6969.

(Via NY Daily News)