An Old Man Who Must Get His Giant Pipe Home Is Our New Hero

It’s a situation as old as time: When you defy logic and decide that you’re only going to make one trip. You end up carrying 14 bags of groceries or shoving all of your laundry into one bag, or in this old man’s case, put a 20-foot PVC pipe through his front seat window and just roll with it. Maybe he forgot the rope at home with which he could have tied the pipe down to the top of the car and driven home safely. But he said to that sensible idea: “No. This is how this is going to happen.”

And yes, it may have been incredibly dangerous for other drivers on the road and even himself, but his stubbornness to only make one trip taps into a special place that resides in all of us. Also, we have to recommend that no one do this because it has to be some kind of illegal? It just feels like the responsible thing to say.

Source: LiveLeak