Old People Discover New Way To Troll Facebook

As it’s an election year, and we don’t live in a country that can treat professional sports with civility, forget political contests that actually matter, rumors of a new form of Facebook trolling are coming to the fore: namely, members of one political party liking a page in order to report people who don’t agree with them as spammers.

You know what, we know exactly who’s doing this: all the people in their fifties on Facebook. Anybody who has been forced to friend their parents has seen this. Mom and Dad get into long, angry arguments with people it turns out they barely know on Facebook. I’ve seen comment wars between people who are old enough to know better extend into the hundreds of comments.

In other words, it’s another way your parents are destroying Facebook. Ugh, maybe Friendster is still around.

(Image courtesy Sean MacEntee on Flickr)