Olivia Wilde's British GQ Comedy Issue Appearance Has Not Gone Unnoticed By The Internet

When British GQ planned their April Comedy Special and corresponding beatboxing comedians YouTube trailer, I’m sure someone in the room said something along the lines of, “Getting all these funny blokes together is quite nice, but they sure are an ugly bunch of wankers.” And from there they decided they needed a dash of eye candy. Cool, talented, famous, mesmerizing eye candy.

So yeah, they clearly knew what they were doing when they put Olivia Wilde on one variation of the cover and gave here a three second jiggle-tastic spot in the trailer (after the jump). But what I doubt they could have predicted is where the internet has taken that three second cameo from there. Reddit has pretty much dedicated the last 24 hours (here and here) to dissecting and GIF-ing the glorious moment. And there are already too many YouTube dedications to count.

After the jump, the Comedy Special trailer, followed by what’s sure to be the most important GIF of 2012. It’s slightly NSFW, in that it’s probably not safe to stare at it for five straight minutes in your cubicle.

The trailer itself is pretty good, but the life-altering seconds take place at the :14 mark.

And the NSFW-ish work of Redditor NotAMustache that has forever changed the internet.

And if you’re interested in a looping video, there’s a YouTube for that.

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