All The Olympic Diving Face Humor The Internet Has To Offer Today

I hesitated to cover these because I got my fill of diving face humor during the Beijing Olympics, but the internet has stepped up it’s game for London in 2012. The world wide web is no longer satisfied with simply looking at Olympic diver faces photographed at exactly the right moment and giggling at the silliness that is ridiculous faces and body positions. No, today we require photoshops and GIFs to next level the sh*t out of the comedy. I am all for this.

Today alone two images — inspired by the most recent batch of silly diver photos — have taken the internet by storm on a slow Summer news day. The GIF above speaks for itself. Brilliant. And I believe all the image below requires is an obligatory, “It’s funny because it’s like they’re pooping.”

Hopefully this tides you dummies over until tape-delayed athletic competition bliss tonight. Pooping!

GIF by F*ck Yeah Dementia. Potty humor via Reddit.