War Is Hell For Kyle Rayner In This Exclusive Preview Of This Week’s ‘Omega Men’

The Omega Men, until their new series, were little more than yet another band of plucky rebels surfing the spaceways, looking for aliens to help or an adventure to pitch in on, a genial A-Team of aliens, and the like. Under Tom King and Barnaby Bagenda, all of that has changed. The Omega Men are now terrorists fighting an equally dangerous repressive regime, and the result has been a tremendous comic book from DC.

King, much like in his Vertigo book The Sheriff of Babylon, is uninterested in rah-rah polemics or preaching to the choir about truth, justice, and democracy. Instead he’s curious to explore the many, messy reasons a person picks up a gun, or a bomb, or a sword and goes out to kill people they don’t agree with: Money, revenge, politics, fear… they all get a fair hearing, and how their actions are used, for propaganda, to advance careers, gets a look, as well. Amid this chaos is Kyle Rayner, the supposedly dead White Lantern, who’s about to get a hard lesson in just how battlefield emotions work:

To see if Rayner escapes, emotionally or otherwise, be sure to pick up The Omega Men #7, on shelves this Wednesday at comics shops and online.