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04.01.10 2 Comments

HUGE shakeup in the Doctor Who universe.  Matt Smith has been fired for inappropriately fondling a Dalek.  Fortunately, David Tennant agreed to come back for another season on the condition that they ditch that glam-rock-looking new Tardis.  There wasn’t much room left in the budget for a new Tardis after paying the Dalek’s counseling fees, but they managed to scrape something together.  TheFrogman found this exclusive photo of the new Tardis.

Yeah, yeah April Fool’s.  Hardy har har.  I’m sorry about this.  I loathe April Fools’.  Here are the links for today:

I wrote this feature on 16 strange, awesome Japanese commercials. [Uproxx]

Steven Spielberg may be just a wee bit paranoid. [Filmdrunk]

ABC wants to be sure you know when that show you now resent is going to air. [WarmingGlow]

A check for 61 cents sold for $596.  Simpsons did it. [WithLeather]

Three characters Dave Chappelle could play on ‘The Boondocks’ [TheSmokingSection]

For April Fools’, novelists and comics creators petition Brad Meltzer to give up writing.  Includes some great quotes.  This is how to do an April Fools’ joke.  I could probably learn something from this, if I were the least bit introspective.  [ComicsAlliance]

More Merton Chatroulette piano improv [Urlesque]

The Ten Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series Since 2000 [Gunaxin]

A new study suggests dogs have a sophisticated understanding of different growls. [Asylum]

An honest facebook political argument.  I’d be the one clicking “Hide”. [CollegeHumor]

Oddly interesting: 15 pictures of siblings of famous people [Unreality]

Working Title films that would (and wouldn’t) work on the small screen [InsideTV]

‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ trailer gives a rare glimpse at graffiti legend Banksy.  (video autoplays) [InsideMovies]

“If you watch really closely, you might just catch where he makes the switch” [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Things to do with a Cadbury Cream Egg?  Make a Rube Goldberg machine to annoy your roommates.  Easter > April Fools’ [via Techamok]

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