One Bad Acid Trip Led To A Man Going On A Week-Long Crime Spree That Ended At A McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A Washington man is facing robbery, kidnapping, and burglary charges after a week-long acid trip led him on a wild odyssey across the city of Roy, Washington. The entire saga appeared on the police radar on September 26th after 23-year-old George Jacobson was found in resident’s barn. From QFox13:

The first victim told police he walked into his barn to find a man — later identified as Jacobson — holding a single black rubber boot, police said.

The victim asked what he was doing, and Jacobson walked outside, bent down and put his hands in the air. When the victim told Jacobson he he would “sic his dogs” on him, Jacobson ran off, police said.

A fairly simple start. Who doesn’t fondly search for boots on other people’s property? Seems fairly normal. Jacobson next fled into a nearby house for a much odder encounter:

There, a female homeowner spotted him inside and Jacobson allegedly drew a gun. Jacobson did not make sense, the victim told police, and kept talking about the woman’s neighbor, repeating the words “mean neighbor.” The woman tried to deescalate the situation, and asked Jacobson what he wanted. Jacobson allegedly demanded a sandwich, and the woman made him one. While he ate, Jacobson allegedly showed the woman a black boot, saying he was on a “spiritual journey” and the “boot contained his jewels,” documents show.

A short time later, the woman’s husband came into the house. They calmly persuaded Jacobson to get into a car, and they drove him to the end of the driveway and dropped him off. Only later did they discover that Jacobson had rooted through their home and stole a handgun, police said.

Jacobson disappeared following these two incidents, not popping up again until October 3rd when he was found rummaging through a car at a local conference center. He then made his way to another home, stealing several items before being caught by the homeowner. He escaped in her Honda, crashing it nearby before entering the final leg of his mystical journey:

From the crashed car, Jacobson allegedly entered another home. He demanded a victim give him a ride at gunpoint. The victim complied, and Jacobson told the victim to pull through a McDonald’s drive-thru for a soft drink. Again the victim complied. From there, the victim dropped Jacobson off at Rainier where he was picked up by police.

Jacobson is being held at the Pierce County Jail “in lieu of $1 million” and probably won’t be leaving any time soon. Police noted that he was clearly high when they picked him up, providing the following bit of information about the week that preceded:

He told police that he “prefers meth”, documents show, but recently took a batch of acid. The acid caused him a “bad trip,” Jacobson allegedly said, and he blacked out for about a week. The only thing he could recall from the week before was taking a person’s car and being driven through a drive-thru by a “nice man,” documents show.

Seems like a bit much for just acid, but it was certainly a bad batch if that was the case. At least he kept busy.

(Via QFox13)