Fans Are Not Taking The News Of One Direction’s Rumored Split Very Well

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One Direction bring Sunshine to Wembley

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British boy band One Direction may or may not have split up, whether or not you believe the rumors, but all signs are pointing to the demise of the hugely popular band that made its debut on the X-Factor in 2010. Such is the boy band circle of life: the rise to fame, the inflated egos, flying too close to the sun, and the inevitable break up, in which some or all members think they can do better on their own, when in reality that is only true for, at most, maybe like one of them.

So, while the members of One Direction make their way into the sunset to pursue solo careers, where does this leave the fans? If the departure of Zayn Malik — which first signaled the death knell of the band — is any indication, “not well.” Teens once again turned to Twitter to share an outpouring of emotions, and it’s not pretty.

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