One Man Live-Tweeted The Shooting Of Michael Brown And It Seems To Have Gone Largely Unnoticed

We have no idea how this is apparently just surfacing on a wide scale, but a witness to the Michael Brown shooting live-tweeted the whole thing as it happened on August 9th. Here is Twitter user @TheePharoah describing, in vivid detail, what he saw.

Rolling Stone‘s Tim Dickinson collected all of the relevant tweets about the shooting from @TheePharoah’s timeline. Some of them include disturbing photographs. Consider yourself warned.

There’s been a lot of back and forth today with the media and Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson. What we know for sure is that Darren Wilson is the name of the officer involved in the shooting. According to Jackson, Wilson was NOT aware that Brown was a suspect in a “strong armed robbery”, the video of which is seen below.

Jackson also made it clear that Wilson stopped Mike Brown because he was “walking in the middle of the road.” What happened after that remains conjecture.