Open Thread: Spurs Vs. Heat, Game 1

Well, here we are folks – one round away from crowning a NBA champion.

Miami is back in the NBA Finals for a third consecutive year while Tim Duncan and the Spurs are looking to take LeBron James to school one more time. And as always, the storyline just writes itself.

It’s San Antonio’s “Big 3” against Miami’s. The Spurs have done well to stay out of the spotlight and let their play speak for itself. They’ve also had a few days of rest after sweeping the Grizzlies last round.

The Spurs will live and die at the hands of Tony Parker. There’s a direct correlation between San Antonio’s winning percentage and how well Tony Parker plays. If he can play lights out for a few more games, the trophy comes back to Texas. If not, Miami wins the chip.

Meanwhile, the Heat have LeBron James. But, will his team show up to play? Before Game 7 against the Pacers, it was a throwback to his Cleveland days, with Miami basically being a one-man show and Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh nowhere to be found. They picked it up, but if they can keep the momentum going to the Finals is a looming question.

No matter who you’re rooting for, join us Thursday night at 8:30pm EST for the action and leave your comments below. We’ll be here, drinking beer and trash-talking resident Heat fan J. Tinsley.

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