The Oregon Trail – Any Educational Value + Ridiculousness = Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

Over the past three decades, The Oregon Trail has proven itself to be one of the most enduring axel-buying simulators ever made, but the venerable edutainment warhorse is starting to show it’s age. River forging just doesn’t excite kids like it used to, so indie developer Sparse Vector have taken it upon themselves to update the formula, turning The Oregon Trail into a horizontal scrolling shooter — one that scrolls from left to right no less. Now that’s just wrong.

Sparse Vector’s game is called Super Amazing Wagon Adventure and contains pretty much everything kids today love — shooting, blood, zombies, covered wagons, exploding bison, it’s got it all. Sparse Vector promises SAWA will be different each time you pick it up — the game consists of a series of short scenes and challenges, which are randomly chosen and rearranged for each playthrough. Basically Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is The Oregon Trail meets Gradius meets WarioWare, and that’s okay by me.

Hit the jump to check out a trailer for Super Amazing Wagon Adventure…

Hmmm, I didn’t notice any dying of dysentery going on in the trailer. Naming my character Hugh Jass just isn’t as hilarious when he can’t die of dysentery. That quibble aside, the game looks pretty fun. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure will hit Xbox Live’s Indie Games channel, as well as just regular old PCs sometime this summer.

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun