No One Enjoyed Oregon’s Historic Snowfall More Than The Animals At The Zoo

This week parts of the Pacific Northwest experienced record snowfall, as over a foot of snow dropped down on Portland Tuesday into Wednesday. Tuesday’s totals were the highest in the city since 2008, and when all is said and done the storm will probably qualify as the biggest of the century so far. As such, many schools and businesses were closed Wednesday, including the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

One employee managed to bravely ski into the zoo to check in on things however, and what they found were a bunch of animals having the time of their lives. I know, it will probably come as a huge surprise that as it turns out, polar bears and seals love the snow — but it’s less common to see an elephant frolicking around in the white stuff like it’s the most normal thing in the world. Yet that’s exactly what Samudra, one of the zoo’s elephants did when released from his enclosure.

It didn’t take long for Samudra to figure out how to blow snow from his trunk and toss snowballs around, and all I keep thinking is that there’s got to be a Disney movie in here, somewhere. Sadly, temperatures should return to the 50s next week, so the animals will have to enjoy the snow while it lasts.

(Via Register Guard, Oregon Live)