Organized Kittens, GWAR Christmas Carols, and Links

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What’s The Most Annoying Word Ever? [UproxxNews]

Redditor BadgerMatt uses a Glim Dropper con to get a rude Ebayer to pay for her purchase [WithLeather]

Justin Timberlake would ‘absolutely’ join SNL cast if asked [WarmingGlow]

Supercut: “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” [

Metrodome roof collapse gets .gif parodied [KSK]

The Future Of Football [TSS]

Robot Chicken Star Wars III [AdultSwim]

Ten Incredible Videos of Referee Abuse [TSJ]

The NBA’s All-Soft First Team [TheHoopDoctors]

Visit Your Favorite Superhero City [Unreality]

Tyler Perry Snubbed By Screen Actors Guild [TheUrbanDaily]

Marvel Loves The Troops For A Limited Time [Geektress]

Cataclysm Wins MMO Of The Year; Plus The MMOs of 2010 [G4TV]

Scarlett Johansson is single now, so here’s a bunch of gifs of her [BroBible]

VIDEO BELOW: GWAR Goes Caroling [via ToplessRobot]

[Pictures via Fluffosaur (via LaughingSquid) and fyeahdementia]

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