Orson Scott Card And Scott Snyder Briefly Interest People In Superman Comics Again (For Very Different Reasons)

Wait, what? What’s going on here? Are people actually talking about Superman comic books? It’s not often you see DC’s mostly ignored mascot getting this much attention.

Not all the talk is positive mind you — acclaimed science fiction writer Orson Scott Card has written a story for an upcoming issue of Adventures of Superman, which has upset many due to Card’s opposition to gay marriage. Unless Card’s story is about Superman violently busting up a marriage between Luthor and Brainiac or something, I’m not sure what bearing Card’s thoughts about gay marriage have on his Superman story, but nevertheless fans have created petitions, some retailers are refusing to carry the book, and talented artist Chris Sprouse has pulled out of illustrating Card’s story. So far DC is continuing to support Card.

In more positive news, DC MVP Scott Snyder is getting his own Superman book. Illustrated by Jim Lee no less! Hit the jump for info, and an image from, Superman Unchained

Superman Unchained will also feature backup stories written by Snyder and drawn by Dustin Nguyen. Other than its fantastic creative team, DC has offered no real info on what’s going to set Superman Unchained apart (aside from all the slave owner killing of course).

I’m certainly interested to see if Scott Snyder can prove he truly can do no wrong, by acing the toughest assignment in comics — writing an interesting in-continuity Superman story. Superman Unchained #1 hits stands in June.

via Comics Alliance here and here