Ouliang Chang Would Like To Build A Supercomputer On The Moon

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09.19.12 2 Comments

Despite what you may think, space is actually fairly busy. Communications between Earth’s space agencies and its various satellites and probes is handled by the Deep Space Network, which like most things built decades ago is aging, overloaded, and not up to projected future needs.

So Ouliang Chen has a perfectly rational solution, by which we mean we want it to happen because nearly every word in this sentence gives us a raging brainer: He wants to build a supercomputer on the moon.

Amazingly, this would actually serve a practical purpose, in addition to being completely and utterly awesome.

Essentially Chang wants to take the strain off the DSN by putting a supercomputer and radio dishes on the far side of the moon, in a crater. That would help deal with the possible temperature issues, and also add to the whole “supervillain lair” ambiance this whole project has.

The moon computer could handle the more automated stuff, freeing up the DSN to handle stuff a human needs to look at. This would also have the pleasant side effect of laying the ground work for a lunar colony.

Also, it would be a supercomputer. On the freaking moon.

Let’s make this happen, NASA.

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